New Beginnings

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It has taken awhile but the boy & I are now rather comfortably set up in a new living area, which called for it to be christened…. as soon as he was finished settling in & setting everything up.

Last night it was torture, as i was very very horny but the boy was very very tired, so rather then having crappy sex i had to wait till he was up for it. unfortunately this lead to me waking up to the female equivalent of a wet dream, the dream was already getting fuzzy as i woke, but it involved a very hot & sexy long blonde haired girl doing very naughty things to me.
this lead to a ongoing slight horniness all day, but luckily after i had feared i had no chance i had my laptop pulled off me, i was twisted around & made to lay on my back by the boy who continued to kiss & caress my body. pressing his up against mine, it was so sudden i wasnt sure if i was dreaming again or if it was real, lost in the moment i was brought back to reality as the boy stopped to remove his shoes & with it his shirt. oh my how i enjoy it everytime he removes his shirt, it makes me just want to touch him which lead to me caressing his belly as he sat me up to remove my top & then my bra. he may have been slightly excited but by then he was very excited, i could tell as we laid back down & as our body rubbed up against each other i could feel a bulging boner in his pants, which got me very excited too.
slowly he slid down the bed & slowly removed my pants, then taking off his own, so i could physically see just how big his boner had gotten, oh it did look very playable & definitely fuck friendly. he returns to laying ontop of me as he caresses my breasts as we continue to make out, till he moves his hand down to my red lacy underwear, rubbing it slightly as he moved his head down to suck & lick on my rather hard & aroused nipples. oh it felt so good in both places i just wanted to share the feeling as i started rubbing his cock only stopping to remove both his & slowly my pair of underwear. then he returned to me naked laying there on his bed wanted more of him as he rearranged up so we were both laying freely but his boner was still able to reach from behind me to get to my throbbing cunt as he rubbed it up against it. oh my it felt good its smoothness against me, alternating between his smooth cock & his fingers, rubbing in circles around my clit me keeping him at the same level by rubbing his boner while he used to fingers.
this suddenly stopped, as he moved down to place his face into my cunt, warning me before he started licking not to make a sound, as everyone was here & it would be rude. then as he started licking i wasnt sure if i was capable of not making a sound while it felt so goddamn good. he started licking in just the right spot getting me going instantly. as he continued on he got faster & harder as he slowly slipped a finger into my dripping pussy making me want to moan like hell as he made sure it was as far in as possible, all while licking. penetrating my pussy with his hand while licking in unison was pushing me closer & closer to the edge, as his fingers got as deep in as possible he licked passionately making it even harder to avoid making a sound. especially as i reached an amazing orgasm which could have gone on forever if he had not sensed that if he had of continued i would have screamed & moaned as it just felt so good it was getting to the point where if i couldnt make a noise i would have found a way.
this got us to excited to go on with the foreplay now was the main game time, as he laid back down beside rolling me to my side one again to enter me from behind slowly. oh it made me moan, silently of course, as he held my arm down starting to penetrate me thrusting into me, holding me where he wanted me, roughly fucking me. oh how it made my toes curl with pleasure it felt so good to have him thrusting into me like that, & the way he was holding my arm down & placing me how he wanted me was just getting me even hornier i arched my back pressing my ass into his crutch to ensure he could get in as deep as possible, ensuring he knew that i wanted more. clinging to the mattress & pillow to try not to make to much sound as the sex reached its climax causing my leg to bend & my body to quiver oh how it felt good.
after laying for awhile he decides to start teasing me, thrusting into me holding me down, all those lovely things yet he stops just coz he knows that i could go for more but he does not continue as teasing me is what he does best.

Anniversary Sex

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A whole year in a relationship can be summed up all in one day, the anniversary. With the highlight of that always being the night (if you can keep your hands off each other that long). After a relaxing day of spending time together anyway possible we got a little frisky in the bedroom.

Off went the clothes, who needs those anyway? There I was placing my mouth onto his hard hard boner as I licked & sucked it while rubbing it gently with my hand. This makes a groaning sound occur in the male as he thoroughly enjoys it, as I alternate with my speed of sucking slowing as he gets excited & speeding up when he leasts expects it. Until he cant take it anymore & he throws me over onto my back & spreads my legs leaning in to kiss me teasingly I grab his head & kiss him passionately & fiestily. To stop this occuring again he reaches up & pulls down the handcuffs & uses them on my wrist making me as vulnerable as a kitten.

Thats when the real teasing begins as he pulls away from kissing me then slowly moves his lips down my body, as he finally reaches my pussy which is craving a kiss from him all nice & juicey waiting for him. But just as his lips softly graze my tender swollen clit he starts nibbling my inner thighs, driving me crazy making me want him to eat me out more then anything in the world. He knows this as he starts to lick slowly away at my dripping pussy as he starts to speed up the excitement increases but as soon as a moan is made, everything stops as he teases me somemore cursing at him & begging him to not stop. He obliges & returns down there with his tounge, teasing a little more, but eventually taking it seriously as he licks intently & intensly as his fingers thrust in & out of me over & over as I cant think of anything but how amazingly good it all feels. A build up of the feeling starts to occur, as it gets more intense I get more excited  until its finally released as I wiggle around the bed legs shaking as the first orgasm of the night occurs. But he does not stop he continues on down there making me climax until he cant take it anymore.

As he cant take it anymore he pulls himself up over me between my legs as he slowly enters my dripping wet pussy with his pulsating boner. Then the thrusting begins, hard & rough like he just cant get it in close enough to me & he cant hide his excitement either, this excites me beyond belief as I moan loudly & wiggly underneath him, pressing myself up against his body, trying to allow him to get in as far & deep as he can into my soaked pussy. As the pace picks up so does the moaning, faster & harder, untill the last final extra hard thrusts when we both climax as climactic as possible before collapsing with each other. Not knowing if there could possibly ever be a better way of celebrating being with someone rather then what we had just done.

Oh my Do it again…

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Laying in bed with just the boy both of us just in our underwear exploring each others bodies with our eyes. it did look good. as i removed my bra i crawled across the bed to place my lips gently onto his boner, one hand on the base as my mouth moved up & down its hard shaft.

sucking & using my toung & hand to help, as the boy laid back enjoyed it as any boy would, hearing him groan only making me go faster until a certain point when i thought he may be enjoying it to much, id stop or slow down. right up until my jaw started hurting to much, in which stage we swapped positions. I lay there enjoying his tounge teasing my clit, gettin faster & pressing harder, making me want to moan, then he slipped a couple of fingers into my wet pussy which lead to me letting out a moan. then he just continued on licking, varying speed & where while thrusting his fingers in & out of me making me want to cum, my cunt feeling so good it was almost unbare able, but that didnt stop him, he continued licking & i continued moaning while grabbing at anything i could as the feeling got more & more intense, spreading all over my body making it shake all over as i finally orgasmed for ever, without him stopping. he continued licking, while my body reset & quicker then that last i had another even more intense sensational orgasm.

After all this fun for me, i felt the need to repay him, give him a lil time off… that & i wanted to ride him stupid, so i made him lay on his back as i mounted him & started bouncing on him, as hard as i could, moving my hips back & forwards as i moved up & down him to see if it created any sensation. holding onto the bed head for support as i gave him all i could until he finally came, to which he flipped me onto my back & started pounding into me.. he was ready to go again, he was that horny, i was not going to complain as he thrust hard into me as i arched my back & pressed my chest against his naked body moaning louder as i pressed myself as close to his body as i could as he thrusted as deep & hard into me as he possible could while he came  a second time.

We collapsed together considering going again, but not wanting to strain anything we fell into a sweet sleep that night.

Handcuffed & Hopeless

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Powerless & out of control is what happens when the handcuffs get slapped on any person, it is one of the most erotic feelings there can be when done right. there i was handcuffed to the bed with plenty of chain length so as not to brake anything, completely at the boys will, in no position to argue or disapprove. teasing me by pulling away from every kiss, then gently kissing & licking my nipples till they were hard, once succeeded he slowly moved down my body to started licking my clit.

gently tickling my clit with his tounge & pulling away to kiss my inner thighs gently & nibbling slightly as he does my neck , then returning to started licking more viciously, harder, faster. with no where to go all i could do was lay there & take it, squirming from the amazing feeling as his tounge tickled & found all the right spots, making me moan & pull on the chains, not wanting him to stop but feeling over come with the intense sensation which would lead to a ongoing orgasm. teasing me as i would get close to coming but briefly stopping or slowing, driving me crazy begging for more, after an orgasm was reached he would continue licking leading on to the next one. continueing in this pattern until i started begging him to fuck me, hard & now.

complying with my request he moved up my body, kissing me with his pussy juice covered lips, tasting myself as i kiss it off him, as he started to enter me gently to get it all in, still handcuffed i could not assist in anyway but to spread my legs as wide as necessary. as he started to pick up speed thrusting i lifted my hips closer to him so he could enter me deeper & thrust harder with more ease, as he thrust into me hard & rough, the most amazing sensation there is as he thrust his few final hard & deep thrusts as he cums deep inside me, exhausted collapsing on top of me. no where to go still handcuffed all i could do was moan with satisfaction.

Begging for it

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No one else is home, just me & the boy, id been begging him all after noon to play with me, nothing sexual just was bored. he started playing a game in the loungeroom, didnt ask if i wanted to join so i decided that there was something better to do that would be far more amusing. so i took my top off… no real reaction, so i went up to him, rubbing myself agianst him, no reaction. so i wandered into the bedroom & retrieved my dildo & returned to the loungeroom with no panties on. so i sat on the lounge just a mini skirt & no top with my dildo spreading my legs towards him wandering if i would get even a slight reaction. so i turn the vibrating bunny on & start rubbing it against my clit to stimulate myself & get myself a wet before slowly entering my dildo into my pussy. Upon entering it into my pussy i started rotating the lil beads inside the head, while rubbing the vibrating bunny against my clit, watching him as he takes his top off. climaxing while staring at his flat stomach & wanting it against me… but still no reaction from him.

A new course of action was to be taken upon, so i went over to him cuddling right up against him, pressing my bare breasts where ever i could, & i started whineing & begging him to fuck me, it got to the point where i was bouncing next to him begging for it before we headed to the bedroom. Where licking & sucking was accomplished as foreplay before the final main show began. thrusting into me rough & hard, giving me everything i had asked for & more. makin me moan loudly, louder then usual as no one was home to worry about, moaning so loudly i almost loose my voice afterwards. collapsing at the end with relief  & no stress at all, complete satisfaction with less voice then started with.

Wet & Wild

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Hot weather, sticky sweaty & dirty. logical measure, have a nice cold shower… & so as not to be lonely have the bf join me.

so there we are, genuinely showering on my part, gawking at my wet slippery naked body for the boys part. then it got to the washing my body part, me, covered completely in soap suds, cuddling close to him.. washing his chest & stomach with my breasts, then he rubs the soap on my back for me. i repay the gesture by rubbing his back with my soapy breasts, pressing my bare soapy breasts against every bit of him that i can. it seemed to have aroused something in him, as he had gotten a beautiful boner during the time, which he started playing with as i shaved myself, gettin him to run his fingers around my pussy to see if i missed any spots.

well all wet & excited only ever leads to one thing, so he pushed my back up against the wall & slowly entered me, thrusting slowly & gently to get in & not slip over. this was a little painful, so i opted to turn around & present my wet bare arse to him, so he entered me from behind, thrusting slowly & gettin harder & faster as time progressed, holding onto my hips, grabbing at my breasts, caressing my whole naked body as he thrusts into me. right up until the final hard thrusts as he came. water based lube, was definately used in the making of this blog.

Hot date

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So its been awhile since me & the boy went out for a proper date (ie spent time alone not in bed) so we decided that since id been complaining for awhile that id never been to a strip club that we would go for a date to a strip show. after a few drinks to relax us both some time spent with his friends we snuck off a few blocks down to watch the strip show.

As soon as i got there i knew i was gonna get special treatment for being a girl, with a discounted entry fee we entered the place. we stood near the entry as all the chairs were taken so we stood, my back to him. the music was blarring & my hips were swaying to the music as they do sometimes naturally, watching the girls on stage my hips started moving how ever their hips moved. occasionally rubbing against the boys crotch as he stood behind me, leading him to kinda pull me closer to him so i was dancing in his crotch. as two girls lick each other out on stage i continue pressing into him, final lap dances are being handed out, as the two girls make their rounds we grab seats as some guys leave…

the poor blonde girl on stage had no more guys to lap dance, so the guy with the speaker pointed me out to her, so she came over & hopped on my lap, caressing me, feeling my boobs as i grabbed onto her ass. she got a lil curious & decided to get my tits out as well as hers, she seemed a lil surprised to find them pierced, but that didnt scare her away, she started to play with my nipples, slightly twitching them which pressing herself up against me for show. the boy was really enjoying the show & the guy on the other side of me was telling me to pash her. she eventually got up & i was thankful i wasnt a man or everyone would have seen my boner. she had to leave & we had to too, although standing up straight away was a lil shakey on my legs, as i was a lil to excited. walking in the cool air for awhile seemed to help a lil.

Eventually we returned home, both slightly soberish & happy to be home. naturally things occured such as oral sex with orgasm upon orgasm & then a good rough fucking.

Free love at camp

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Dragged to the middle of no where for 3 whole days, to sleep in a tent (although a flushing toilet was on site) with the only thing keeping me sane being the booze & the fact that i dragged my friend with me. After settling around the camp fire my friend & i started drinking, along with most other people on the camp site. when my friend & i drink together we tend to get a lil more frisky then usual, usually we only ever make out in the girls toilets or somewhere away from the boy & all his friends, but there must have been something in the air that night as we started making out by the campfire.

We started playing a drinking game with everyone called “have you ever” which caused us both to come to terms that we had done a lot more things then anyone else at the camp. by the time we gave up we were trashed off our faces & making out constantly & carelessly. we got the attention of one of the boys friends who was sitting just infront of us as we were laying on a mattress by this time, just rolling all over each other & making out. i dont think we were subtle with her straddling me while we make out & i feel her awesomely amazing tits, then she would start playing with my nipples & kissing/sucking them. which lead to the boy finding his way over to join us on the mattress & one of his friends who is after my friend came with him. Which just lead to mass making out moments where i would make out with the boy then be rolled over by my friend to be pounced on by her, we had created out own little hippy commune on one single mattress.

Unfortunately for everyone involved far to much alcohol was consumed, especially on my part which lead to me just going to the tent & sleeping in my own compartment.

Oh how selfish of me to have teased both the boy & my friend by doing all of that & then giving them nothing as i passed  out in my bed. The boy was quite unfufilled by it all, he was so turned on by the whole scenario the night before he couldnt sleep. So we decided something needed to be done about this lil problem. so with the mattress in the back of the ute we went for a short drive far enough that they wouldnt be able to hear us but not out of site. we got into the back of the ute & enjoyed the view for a little while before we started making out heavily & he started to remove all my cloths. Laying in the back tray naked he started to eat me out, slowly & teasingly until i was right on the edge of orgasm, then he would go hard & rough making me orgasm multiple times till i was beggin him to fuck me. laying on my back with my legs around him he started to thrust into me, gently at first to get completely in without hurting me in anyway, then slowly the speed increased he started pounding into me harder & faster making me moan louder & louder. Rocking the whole ute as he thrust hard into me as he put in his final few thrusts as he came, full of happy hormones & completely fufilled i put my cloths back on, he did his pants back up & we relaxed with a smoke enjoying the view. Only a lil while later did we realise we had rocked the ute so hard the glovebox was wide open, not how we left it.

Double the Doggy

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It all started the way it always does, feeling a little frisky, bf in bed with me, things are bound to happen when that occurs. frisky leads to wandering hands all over my body, squeezing bouncing my boobs while i touch & rub his boner. his head moves away from my mouth down to my nipples where he gently sucks & licks them till theyr hard as ever. once the nipples are as hard as they can be he moves lower to find something new to arouse & excite. he lowers down to my wet pussy just beggin him to lick it, which he happily complied with. he’d start licking my wet pussy teasing the way he loves to, bringing me to point of climax then denying me the joys of it. until finally the feeling of a orgasm overcame me ongoing seeming to be never ending, until it stopped & another began, as never ending as the first.

oh god i needed sex as soon as possible, so i begged for it, pleaded until he told me to get on my hands & knees. So i obeyed & got onto all fours holding onto the bedhead presenting my moist dripping wet pussy for his pleasure to pound away at me from behind till his heart was content. Entering me slowly thrusting ever so slightly into me as he handled my hips & caressed my body as he picked up speed thrusting into me slightly faster & faster harder rougher into me. pounding into me like he couldnt get deep enough into me but he was more then willing to try. with some deep final hard thrusts into me i let go of the bedhead collapsing with my butt still in his crotch, him still deep inside me.

Although i thought he was through surprise to me he starts thrusting, gently nustling inside starting all over again pounding & thrusting into me all over again with just as much enthusiasm as the first time holding onto the bedhead all over again. oh god it felt so good for him to be thrusting into me all over again positioning myself on all fours with my ass pressing into him as he held tight to my hips as he thrust into me deep & hard into my soaking wet pussy. dripping by now as he thrusts his final thrusts deep & rough as we both collapse out of exhaustion.

No Excuse

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Cliche or not, having a headach is no excuse to avoid having sex. Suffering from a severe sharp headache nothing is more enjoyable then a nice root. I would go as far as to say that sex is the best cure for a headach, as it distracts you with all the enjoyment of the sex & orgasms.

With a bad headache & a overly horny bf (really who could blame him), i had a to choose, stick with the cliche & just make him wait to get some or see if sex can distract from the pain. i can very rarely say no to sex, especially recieving oral sex before being fucked silly. So i pulled all the energy together that i could to keep up with the bf, which i did. Starting out with him eating me out, licking & kissing my gently, building up speed & roughness bringing me to the edge of orgasms. Just as i was about to cum he slipped a couple of fingers into the hole making everything more intense & bringing me back to orgasm to the point that i had to cover my mouth with a pillow so as not to alarm the neighbours with my screaming.

It made me want more of him, i had to be closer to him. So he started entering me slowly & gently at first then deeper & rougher as he got more into it. clinging onto his back & squirming underneath him with pleasure wanting him deeper in me, moaning & squirming keeping my crotch as close to him as possible as he gave his last final deep hard thrusts into me as he came deep & fufillingly.

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