Everlasting Orgasm

September 3, 2008 on 1:00 pm | In Uncategorized | 1 Comment Your Ad Here

Sometimes the events leading up to something get lost in the memory, although they are not the important parts, the important part is the memory itself. It may only have happened last weekend, but its still makes me go week at the knees just thinking about it right now. i swear i can still feel it happening its getting me wet just thinking about it. Although it may not be as good to read about, the feeling was what all my wet dreams are going to be about from now on.

Some how we ended up naked on his bed, completely naked, me laying on top of him, kissing him passionately. my hand wanders lower down his gorgeous stomach to play with his boner smiling at him i knew just what i wanted to do & exactly how to make him happy. so i crawled down his body till my mouth came upon his hard boner, while my hand rubbed the base my mouth sucked & kissed the head, as i licked it gently. hearing him moan his encouragements & assuming i was doing a good job i continued, sucking more & more of his cock each time. the slowly varying how deep it went in. i kept sucking & licking right up until i couldnt take it any longer & i wanted to straddle him & fuck his brains out.

After i expressed this he asked if we could do it doggy style instead, i didnt particularily care, i knew he would enjoy it a lot coz he loves my ass & hip handle bars, it always makes me feel naughty which makes me enjoy it more, so i agreed, with no hesitation. so he started thrusting into me, slowly & gently just edging inwards little bit at a time, then he started thrusting harder & rougher into me, gettin deeper & deeper each time. as i held on to the bed head to keep myself from collapsing i couldnt help but moaning loudly i was enjoying it so much, i must have been dripping in pussy juices. he was enjoying it just as much or even more so as he thrust away deeper & faster & rougher till i could barely hold on & he was thrusting a couple of last deep hard thrust as he came.

But thats not the ending, its the beginning of the end, although we both just laid there completely & totally exhausted, after a short rest the boy got up & cleaned himself a bit, put some boxers on & went on down. oh it felt so good as he started to lick my over flowing pussy juices, oh the enjoyment of it just increased with time the more he licked the more excited & the louder i got. with the intensity building higher & higher right up until it reached the point of orgasm, but not the usual orgasm oh no this one seemed to just go on & on until it stopped & started building up for the next one. the next one was as ongoing, but still extremely good none the less. the aftermath was the build up of yet another, with a shorter build up then the others, this one came quicker & harder then the other two put together, it was such an intense sensation of ultimate bliss as he licked & licked, he kept it going till he came up for air & i completely collapsed, short of breath, no energy left & very little voice left from screaming so loud im sure all the neighbours knew about it. over dosing on orgasms was only an orgasm away, just writting about the sensation makes me feel like iv just been through it all over again.

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  1. Awesome blog. Really enjoyed this one as I’m a passionate lover of going down. It’s always nice to hear how a girl feels after she’s had a great session from somoene who knows what they’re doing. Just the thought of you being licked out kinda sent me into playtime mode and I must admit, I had to finish off the rest of your blog after I cleaned myself up.

    Please continue with your work, it’s the best read ever! x

    Comment by Samurai — September 5, 2008 #

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