Oh my Do it again…

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Laying in bed with just the boy both of us just in our underwear exploring each others bodies with our eyes. it did look good. as i removed my bra i crawled across the bed to place my lips gently onto his boner, one hand on the base as my mouth moved up & down its hard shaft.

sucking & using my toung & hand to help, as the boy laid back enjoyed it as any boy would, hearing him groan only making me go faster until a certain point when i thought he may be enjoying it to much, id stop or slow down. right up until my jaw started hurting to much, in which stage we swapped positions. I lay there enjoying his tounge teasing my clit, gettin faster & pressing harder, making me want to moan, then he slipped a couple of fingers into my wet pussy which lead to me letting out a moan. then he just continued on licking, varying speed & where while thrusting his fingers in & out of me making me want to cum, my cunt feeling so good it was almost unbare able, but that didnt stop him, he continued licking & i continued moaning while grabbing at anything i could as the feeling got more & more intense, spreading all over my body making it shake all over as i finally orgasmed for ever, without him stopping. he continued licking, while my body reset & quicker then that last i had another even more intense sensational orgasm.

After all this fun for me, i felt the need to repay him, give him a lil time off… that & i wanted to ride him stupid, so i made him lay on his back as i mounted him & started bouncing on him, as hard as i could, moving my hips back & forwards as i moved up & down him to see if it created any sensation. holding onto the bed head for support as i gave him all i could until he finally came, to which he flipped me onto my back & started pounding into me.. he was ready to go again, he was that horny, i was not going to complain as he thrust hard into me as i arched my back & pressed my chest against his naked body moaning louder as i pressed myself as close to his body as i could as he thrusted as deep & hard into me as he possible could while he came¬† a second time.

We collapsed together considering going again, but not wanting to strain anything we fell into a sweet sleep that night.

Begging for it

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No one else is home, just me & the boy, id been begging him all after noon to play with me, nothing sexual just was bored. he started playing a game in the loungeroom, didnt ask if i wanted to join so i decided that there was something better to do that would be far more amusing. so i took my top off… no real reaction, so i went up to him, rubbing myself agianst him, no reaction. so i wandered into the bedroom & retrieved my dildo & returned to the loungeroom with no panties on. so i sat on the lounge just a mini skirt & no top with my dildo spreading my legs towards him wandering if i would get even a slight reaction. so i turn the vibrating bunny on & start rubbing it against my clit to stimulate myself & get myself a wet before slowly entering my dildo into my pussy. Upon entering it into my pussy i started rotating the lil beads inside the head, while rubbing the vibrating bunny against my clit, watching him as he takes his top off. climaxing while staring at his flat stomach & wanting it against me… but still no reaction from him.

A new course of action was to be taken upon, so i went over to him cuddling right up against him, pressing my bare breasts where ever i could, & i started whineing & begging him to fuck me, it got to the point where i was bouncing next to him begging for it before we headed to the bedroom. Where licking & sucking was accomplished as foreplay before the final main show began. thrusting into me rough & hard, giving me everything i had asked for & more. makin me moan loudly, louder then usual as no one was home to worry about, moaning so loudly i almost loose my voice afterwards. collapsing at the end with relief  & no stress at all, complete satisfaction with less voice then started with.

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