New Beginnings

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It has taken awhile but the boy & I are now rather comfortably set up in a new living area, which called for it to be christened…. as soon as he was finished settling in & setting everything up.

Last night it was torture, as i was very very horny but the boy was very very tired, so rather then having crappy sex i had to wait till he was up for it. unfortunately this lead to me waking up to the female equivalent of a wet dream, the dream was already getting fuzzy as i woke, but it involved a very hot & sexy long blonde haired girl doing very naughty things to me.
this lead to a ongoing slight horniness all day, but luckily after i had feared i had no chance i had my laptop pulled off me, i was twisted around & made to lay on my back by the boy who continued to kiss & caress my body. pressing his up against mine, it was so sudden i wasnt sure if i was dreaming again or if it was real, lost in the moment i was brought back to reality as the boy stopped to remove his shoes & with it his shirt. oh my how i enjoy it everytime he removes his shirt, it makes me just want to touch him which lead to me caressing his belly as he sat me up to remove my top & then my bra. he may have been slightly excited but by then he was very excited, i could tell as we laid back down & as our body rubbed up against each other i could feel a bulging boner in his pants, which got me very excited too.
slowly he slid down the bed & slowly removed my pants, then taking off his own, so i could physically see just how big his boner had gotten, oh it did look very playable & definitely fuck friendly. he returns to laying ontop of me as he caresses my breasts as we continue to make out, till he moves his hand down to my red lacy underwear, rubbing it slightly as he moved his head down to suck & lick on my rather hard & aroused nipples. oh it felt so good in both places i just wanted to share the feeling as i started rubbing his cock only stopping to remove both his & slowly my pair of underwear. then he returned to me naked laying there on his bed wanted more of him as he rearranged up so we were both laying freely but his boner was still able to reach from behind me to get to my throbbing cunt as he rubbed it up against it. oh my it felt good its smoothness against me, alternating between his smooth cock & his fingers, rubbing in circles around my clit me keeping him at the same level by rubbing his boner while he used to fingers.
this suddenly stopped, as he moved down to place his face into my cunt, warning me before he started licking not to make a sound, as everyone was here & it would be rude. then as he started licking i wasnt sure if i was capable of not making a sound while it felt so goddamn good. he started licking in just the right spot getting me going instantly. as he continued on he got faster & harder as he slowly slipped a finger into my dripping pussy making me want to moan like hell as he made sure it was as far in as possible, all while licking. penetrating my pussy with his hand while licking in unison was pushing me closer & closer to the edge, as his fingers got as deep in as possible he licked passionately making it even harder to avoid making a sound. especially as i reached an amazing orgasm which could have gone on forever if he had not sensed that if he had of continued i would have screamed & moaned as it just felt so good it was getting to the point where if i couldnt make a noise i would have found a way.
this got us to excited to go on with the foreplay now was the main game time, as he laid back down beside rolling me to my side one again to enter me from behind slowly. oh it made me moan, silently of course, as he held my arm down starting to penetrate me thrusting into me, holding me where he wanted me, roughly fucking me. oh how it made my toes curl with pleasure it felt so good to have him thrusting into me like that, & the way he was holding my arm down & placing me how he wanted me was just getting me even hornier i arched my back pressing my ass into his crutch to ensure he could get in as deep as possible, ensuring he knew that i wanted more. clinging to the mattress & pillow to try not to make to much sound as the sex reached its climax causing my leg to bend & my body to quiver oh how it felt good.
after laying for awhile he decides to start teasing me, thrusting into me holding me down, all those lovely things yet he stops just coz he knows that i could go for more but he does not continue as teasing me is what he does best.

Anniversary Sex

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A whole year in a relationship can be summed up all in one day, the anniversary. With the highlight of that always being the night (if you can keep your hands off each other that long). After a relaxing day of spending time together anyway possible we got a little frisky in the bedroom.

Off went the clothes, who needs those anyway? There I was placing my mouth onto his hard hard boner as I licked & sucked it while rubbing it gently with my hand. This makes a groaning sound occur in the male as he thoroughly enjoys it, as I alternate with my speed of sucking slowing as he gets excited & speeding up when he leasts expects it. Until he cant take it anymore & he throws me over onto my back & spreads my legs leaning in to kiss me teasingly I grab his head & kiss him passionately & fiestily. To stop this occuring again he reaches up & pulls down the handcuffs & uses them on my wrist making me as vulnerable as a kitten.

Thats when the real teasing begins as he pulls away from kissing me then slowly moves his lips down my body, as he finally reaches my pussy which is craving a kiss from him all nice & juicey waiting for him. But just as his lips softly graze my tender swollen clit he starts nibbling my inner thighs, driving me crazy making me want him to eat me out more then anything in the world. He knows this as he starts to lick slowly away at my dripping pussy as he starts to speed up the excitement increases but as soon as a moan is made, everything stops as he teases me somemore cursing at him & begging him to not stop. He obliges & returns down there with his tounge, teasing a little more, but eventually taking it seriously as he licks intently & intensly as his fingers thrust in & out of me over & over as I cant think of anything but how amazingly good it all feels. A build up of the feeling starts to occur, as it gets more intense I get more excited  until its finally released as I wiggle around the bed legs shaking as the first orgasm of the night occurs. But he does not stop he continues on down there making me climax until he cant take it anymore.

As he cant take it anymore he pulls himself up over me between my legs as he slowly enters my dripping wet pussy with his pulsating boner. Then the thrusting begins, hard & rough like he just cant get it in close enough to me & he cant hide his excitement either, this excites me beyond belief as I moan loudly & wiggly underneath him, pressing myself up against his body, trying to allow him to get in as far & deep as he can into my soaked pussy. As the pace picks up so does the moaning, faster & harder, untill the last final extra hard thrusts when we both climax as climactic as possible before collapsing with each other. Not knowing if there could possibly ever be a better way of celebrating being with someone rather then what we had just done.

Handcuffed & Hopeless

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Powerless & out of control is what happens when the handcuffs get slapped on any person, it is one of the most erotic feelings there can be when done right. there i was handcuffed to the bed with plenty of chain length so as not to brake anything, completely at the boys will, in no position to argue or disapprove. teasing me by pulling away from every kiss, then gently kissing & licking my nipples till they were hard, once succeeded he slowly moved down my body to started licking my clit.

gently tickling my clit with his tounge & pulling away to kiss my inner thighs gently & nibbling slightly as he does my neck , then returning to started licking more viciously, harder, faster. with no where to go all i could do was lay there & take it, squirming from the amazing feeling as his tounge tickled & found all the right spots, making me moan & pull on the chains, not wanting him to stop but feeling over come with the intense sensation which would lead to a ongoing orgasm. teasing me as i would get close to coming but briefly stopping or slowing, driving me crazy begging for more, after an orgasm was reached he would continue licking leading on to the next one. continueing in this pattern until i started begging him to fuck me, hard & now.

complying with my request he moved up my body, kissing me with his pussy juice covered lips, tasting myself as i kiss it off him, as he started to enter me gently to get it all in, still handcuffed i could not assist in anyway but to spread my legs as wide as necessary. as he started to pick up speed thrusting i lifted my hips closer to him so he could enter me deeper & thrust harder with more ease, as he thrust into me hard & rough, the most amazing sensation there is as he thrust his few final hard & deep thrusts as he cums deep inside me, exhausted collapsing on top of me. no where to go still handcuffed all i could do was moan with satisfaction.

Double the Doggy

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It all started the way it always does, feeling a little frisky, bf in bed with me, things are bound to happen when that occurs. frisky leads to wandering hands all over my body, squeezing bouncing my boobs while i touch & rub his boner. his head moves away from my mouth down to my nipples where he gently sucks & licks them till theyr hard as ever. once the nipples are as hard as they can be he moves lower to find something new to arouse & excite. he lowers down to my wet pussy just beggin him to lick it, which he happily complied with. he’d start licking my wet pussy teasing the way he loves to, bringing me to point of climax then denying me the joys of it. until finally the feeling of a orgasm overcame me ongoing seeming to be never ending, until it stopped & another began, as never ending as the first.

oh god i needed sex as soon as possible, so i begged for it, pleaded until he told me to get on my hands & knees. So i obeyed & got onto all fours holding onto the bedhead presenting my moist dripping wet pussy for his pleasure to pound away at me from behind till his heart was content. Entering me slowly thrusting ever so slightly into me as he handled my hips & caressed my body as he picked up speed thrusting into me slightly faster & faster harder rougher into me. pounding into me like he couldnt get deep enough into me but he was more then willing to try. with some deep final hard thrusts into me i let go of the bedhead collapsing with my butt still in his crotch, him still deep inside me.

Although i thought he was through surprise to me he starts thrusting, gently nustling inside starting all over again pounding & thrusting into me all over again with just as much enthusiasm as the first time holding onto the bedhead all over again. oh god it felt so good for him to be thrusting into me all over again positioning myself on all fours with my ass pressing into him as he held tight to my hips as he thrust into me deep & hard into my soaking wet pussy. dripping by now as he thrusts his final thrusts deep & rough as we both collapse out of exhaustion.

Porn O Graphy Part 2

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After a long day of teasing we headed to the bedroom to watch some porn on the big screen at the end of the bed. we starting watching porno on the big screen, couldnt really find anything decent, so we started playing at the same time. the usual stuff of me rubbing his cock up & down or him eating me out, licking up all those pussy juices as i watching two girls doing the same.

Once we found a decent movie which we both agreed on, we started watching it, so we could watch it properly i was on all fours in front of the screen while he knelt behind me, entering me slowly & gently. as the movie progressed we were doing the same thing as the movie as he started thrusting into me deeper & harder, it became difficult to pay attention to what was on the screen as what i was feeling was so over powering that i couldnt pay attention. i couldnt stop moaning and squirming moving my hips to work with his thrusting, as he held tight to my hips moving them how he wanted them as we went for it with all we had until the grunting & last few hard deep thrusts were done with. only then did we realise the movie had finished before us.

O O Oh My!

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So hungry right now, bf has gone to get food, hes a good little boi, he knows just how to make me happy in & out of the bedroom. I decided to rather then get my ass here late friday arvo to try staying over thurs night & see if that makes it easier… which it does… & it also ment to got laid last night too. Oh did i get laid, not just laid it was ultimate all round sex fun.

Started gradually, as he was supposed to go to work today so we actually went to bed to get sleep, neither of us like sleeping in cloths though, so both in our undies laying real close, his hands running  down my back, then down my stomach after i rolled over, all the way gently down my stomach under my underwear, then out again. teasing me, brushing finger tips on my inner thighs & over the under wear. making me want it. then he moved between my legs, removed my underwear & started kissing me. first my neck biting it slightly making me moan, then my  mouth, then my chest moving slowly & seductively further down my stomach to my pussy, kissing it gently then the thighs. Finally he started slightly licking my pussy, making me moan even more, then he would stop & kiss my thighs, then lick my pussy again. until he stopped & came up to kiss me on the lips, while gently thrusting into me, teasing me constantly. Returning to eat me out, rougher getting closer & closer to what i wanted, then he would stop to thrust into me a little, oh the teasing was sending me crazy, he went back down & finished the job making me want to fuck him even more.

Thrusting into me , holding down my wrists he gave it all he had, which was limited since he’s a little under the weather, but you wouldnt have thought with the way he was going, just thrusting in & out harder & harder, deeper & deeper, i couldnt get enough of it, it felt amazing, clinging onto his back by this time, pressing my chest against his, wanting more. i could feel him convulse when he came, he ddnt stop thrusting till a few minutes after, giving a few last deep hard thrust to finish me off too. we both were a bit out of breath at this time, he collapsed on me, then eventually he found the strength to lift himself up enough to get his penis back, and he started rubbing my clit with his fingers, faster & faster making me moan again. one orgasm down by the time he moved to lay down next to me instead of on top of me, continueing to rub & rub, teasing making me orgasm a second time then without a break a third time in a row…

Well after that i couldnt even more let alone talk, i was in a magical place of happiness and bliss, dripping with pussy juices it was the most mindblowing experience and tiring one at that, with minus zero energy we  both eventually fell asleep cuddled into each other.

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